Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Masters of the Universe

well, I finished, framed and shipped my pieces for the "Masters of the Universe" show @ gallery 1988.
and these are them
"The origin of the Sorceress" oil on canvas - 11x14 - framed

they asked the artists to reinvent the characters, So I decided to "reinvent" the Sorceress. I bit more tribal and primal.
"Plastic Princess" oil on canvas - 16x20 - framed
I had to do a piece on She-ra, for obvious reasons. What girl didnt want to be She-ra back in 85?


DeJarnette Designs said...

Like the She-Ra!
(From one Detroiter to another)

Audrey Pongracz said...

Thank you so much!:)
Ive been showing my friends your pieces for the show, they are awesome!
(Im a huge GPK fan!)