Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet dreams are made of this

Ive been dreaming again.
For a while there I wasn't, then I started thinking maybe as one gets older the dreams stop. Other things become more dominate in the mind, and silly dreams don't stick. It was upsetting. I could do without the apocalyptic dreams, but it felt as if adulthood was taking another thing away.
I recently read this article on dreams, a mans theory on the subject was that, dreams are a way for your mind to prepare you for the day. That's Bush league stuff to me. We go from the collective unconscious to that? Different strokes Different folks I guess.


A.J.B.C. said...

I think ones dreams say so much about a person. What has happened, what's happening, what's about to happen. There's so many ways to look at it, all fascinating! The sleeping mind sure is interesting! And by the way... I love following your blog. It's beautiful!

Audrey Pongracz said...

thank you!

yes I agree. Its all too amazing to be looked over so easily. Something so close to us and part of our everyday containing so much mystery, like the bottom of the sea, and the vast universe. Its nice to have somethings left to explore.