Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Camille Rose Garcia @ Merry Karnowsky

I was lucky enough to find out that Camille Rose Garcia was having an opening while we were there.
So I called up my friend Irene, along with her friend Tristan and my Aaron we crammed out bodies in to the packed Merry Karnowsky. Camille was there signing her book, and the line for that was insane!

Irene and I, performing our perfected awkward photo
I finally got to get a Camille print, I got the one on the top .

On the other side of the gallery, was Miss Vans work.

Me and Aaron were attacked by a drunk girl named Tuesday, who proclaimed to us she thought the bathroom was in the corner and almost peed on the floor. She continued her weirdness and took our camera and made us let her take our picture. Picture not included in this post, due to the blur created by a very drunk girl.

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