Monday, March 15, 2010

Glass, Cinder & Thorns

another fantastic show @ 323 East going on March 20th!

Curated by April Segedi, Manager of the gallery, thought there too many male artists in their lineup, so she went and gathered a slew of amazing female artists for this group show!

can you spot my piece?
We decided to promote both my newest limited edition print, and the show together.
They deemed me the "spokes girl" for the show, and Im honored for the title.
So April and I will be doing some media type stuff this week together.
looking forward to it :)

super rad photographer Joe Gall, came by the studio to do some promotional shots. Check out Joe's work, very cool stuff.

Psst....that painting in the back there, is for my summer show "The Great Balancing Act". I'll have about 12 possibly more paintings for this show. More info on that later.

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