Monday, April 5, 2010

The Great Balancing Act

Ive been working on pieces for this show since the beginning of the year. Me and Ryan ( who will be my partner this time) were having trouble on a title for the show. But we finally decided on "The Great Balancing Act". These pieces are very personal, and important subjects to me. Balancing life is something I struggle with everyday. I tend to lean off to one side very easily. But once there I want to go to the other side. I have a hard time finding balance, and its balance that I want. I also find it amusing that I am a Gemini. Though I dont really believe in Astrology, I find it fascinating. I can see why we have been looking to the stars for information, its alluring and mysterious, but I ultimately believe the universe has a whole other purpose. But I digress. Balance is the inspiration for these new pieces. Everything has to have balance, or it all can topple over in a great huge mess. If we lean to one side, so far we cant even see the other side, whats to happen?

here is a sneak peak. I will eventually show the whole piece once its professionally scanned.

the show is set for June 12th.
I'll be posting more info throughout the next couple months.

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