Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sneak peak: progress 2

peak at one of the big pieces Im currently working on.
::pretty crappy photo ahead::

At one time I had a terrible fear of tornado's.
But somehow now, I am no longer, and would love to see a real one.
This painting has been sketched up for 2 years now, it feels good to finally paint it.

Ive been working so hard on all these pieces.
Ive pretty much cut off the outside world, and locked myself away, only to come out to eat and sleep.


Eve Noir said...

cool. can't wait to see the finished piece!

Audrey Pongracz said...

I hope you can make it. I enjoy taking art with you :)

Audrey Pongracz said...

I mean talking...darn these little buttons

Eve Noir said...

I enjoy talking to you too Audrey.

I'm gonna do my best to be there. I really like all the pieces you have shown here thus far for the show. By the time you go to the opening, you are gonna be WILD! (from being away from the outside world)


Take care!