Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Taxidermist daughter

I meant to write about the piece in my last post. But I was very tired and out of it.

Taxidermy is a strange thing.
Here is this thing, that once was alive, moved, ate, slept, lived..and is now dead and forever posed for viewing pleasure. I have nothing against it, but it is a little odd to me.

Then there are the ones who stuff their loved pets, which I really find strange. Kinda like the prince in Snow White who wanted her in a glass coffin so he can look at her forever. Not normal.

The Taxidermists daughter, is not dead. She is encased in a time of innocence and youth, that is now gone. And she will eventually suffocate in the world she has outgrown.

I find myself always wanting to shut the reality of the world out. I want to forget that evil exists, and surround myself in a plush safe colorful world. Living this way is dangerous, you become blind and foolish to what lurks in the dark. And once that safe world crumbles its hard to recover.

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