Friday, October 15, 2010

"do you ever wish you could breathe underwater?"

well my 2 "Bad Dads" pieces are currently on their way to California. Safe journeys.
Its pretty nerve wracking to ship these things you've worked on for months. I end up paying a ton on shipping to make sure they get there safely and quickly.
here is one piece. I will post the other closer to the show.

"Blue Star Cadet" - 22x28

Detail of the Belefonte and Deep search.
there is something very childlike about "The Life Aquactic", minus all the cursing.

side note: I spent most of my time as a child playing by myself. I loved making up these big stories with my toys. Id play my records and sit in my room for hours. This obviously has had an effect on my painting subject matter. Who would of thought being lonely would help out later.

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hi, loving your creative spirit, great blog, feel free to pop round and leave a responce