Sunday, April 17, 2011

stranger in a strange land

I recently moved to a new place. Its been quite a hassle, I knew it would be, but you never know really. On top of all the actual moving madness, Ive grown frustrated without being able to paint for 3 weeks. Its a strange feeling. I feel out of touch with that side of myself. And with each passing day it feels like the light gets dimmer and dimmer. I have a anxious withdrawal like feeling. My current studio space is going to take time to be finished, so I will be setting up camp in my basement for the time being.
I watched a A-Team episode one time, (Im not familiar with the character names or anything) anyway they were undercover and all that. One of the guys was pretending to be an artist.( I always love when I see stereotypes of artists, cause its true) So whatever the reason the bad guys were trying to get him to move to another studio space, and The A-Team guy said " how is inspiration going to find me, when I trained it to find me here?" I laughed pretty good.....but its not so funny right now. Now to find all the extra sheets in the house and make a art fort.

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Eve Noir said...

Hey you. Yeah, I know the feeling. Though you're right, it is a strange one. Even when I tell myself, "I need a break" I get very anxious and before long, I'm doing something. Why is that!?

I think the light will be bright once you get a bit more adjusted. :)