Monday, May 16, 2011


Havent posted in a while. Its been a crazy month, and the craziness is going to continue for a while. 
Ive been working on finishing up my last pieces for "Beautiful Monstrosities". Still working out of my basement, but as long as no creepy crawlers come to visit me Im fine and getting work done. Im starting to have my "pre-show dreams" always happens. Its always the same too, I always show up too late and miss the opening. 

within the next couple days I will have actual sneak peaks and the promo stuff. 

here is where I hide. my makeshift studio

its an absolute mess, but it serves its purpose. 
cant wait until my actual studio is done, so I dont have to work out of boxes. 


Inside the Rock Poster Frame said...

Those curtains make your studio look like a scene out of Twin Peaks LOL

Audrey Pongracz said...

Awesome! my own red lodge! haha