Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pee Wee!!!

Pee wee was a big part of my life growing up. 
Just like those who grew up with Howdy Doody or Bozo, we had Pee Wee! 
I freakin adored him!!
I think he helped make it ok too be a little weird and to run wild with your imagination.

When  I was 9 I got hit by a car and was in a body cast for a whole summer. And that whole summer I watched Pee Wees Christmas Special over and over. I taped it off television, and would rewind it and rewind it. My poor mother !!
I also spent my time that summer making his playhouse out of my legos.  So yeah, He made that awful summer better!
 Im so happy to be able to pay tribute to him!

"My Baloney has a first name"
16x20 - oil on canvas

I dont think many remember Billy Baloney. But I love Billy! His name alone rocks my socks. 
One of my biggest regrets, I was at a flea market and saw a Billy Baloney doll in the box still, and I didnt buy it!! 
why oh why??

well, this amazing show opens Friday, July 29th @ Gallery 1988 Venice
You should go! I wish I could!

oh yeah and I still have my Pee Wee colorforms set!


Eve Noir said...

Oh my, that was a terrible accident. I'm happy Pee Wee helped you through the summer though!

The painting looks great. Especially like her curly hair. I wish I could see this art show too, darn!
Oh & I used to have a few Pee Wee action figures...haha. ^_^

Will Kenderdine said...

Hey! Sorry to hear about your accident, but glad PeeWee helped make your recovery go better. Another great idea to help kids pass time during recovery is this incredibly fun, interesting way to get kids to learn about animals! Check it out here: