Thursday, July 21, 2011

Would you like to hold my baby?

20x24 - oil on canvas

This was inspired from old Victorian photographs. 
Proper little darling girls, their hair in perfect curls, in their best clothes.
But she has a different baby than the rest of the girls.  

April and I were talking about bugs (over lunch of course)
She was telling me about a book she read, I dont remember the name, but it was gross and maggots had something to do with part of the story.  We also came up with the title to our show then. 
Well when I got home I drew this sketch up.

Im not all to familiar with what a maggot actually looks like. And since it was going to be painted so big, I figured I had to know. So I google imaged "maggot".....I dont recommend anyone to do that. So gross.
I was having a hard time finding anything that wasnt making me feel ill, so I stopped my search and just did my best painting from memory. 

shes one of my other favorites.
She kind of reminds me and myself as a girl, with my beat up ragged doll. That I loved no matter how bad it looked.


Miss April said...

We were talking about the book "Monstrumologist" that I read and how in one scene/part the two main character's visit an old sea captain at a psychiatric ward. They removed the sheet from him and there were gaping wounds, holes in his flesh full of maggots.....we're gross.

Audrey Pongracz said...

haha maybe a little ;)
But you read the book, and liked it! haha

Eve Noir said...

I would not have guessed it was a maggot, lol. Actually I couldn't figure out what the baby was but I know I really liked him:her. {Yes, I will take your word for it to not google "maggot." Yuck.}

Audrey Pongracz said...

haha Eve yeah I know. Its weird, a maggot alone dosent look like a maggot unless its next to hundreds of them. But thats fine I kind of like a mystery creature, Kinda like those slimy things in Eraserhead that look like sperm. You dont know what it is, but they are yucky.