Thursday, September 8, 2011

catching up.

oops. Ive been neglecting my blog. 
back to school time is wonderful and crazy at the same time. 

anyway, Im a little late on this but last Friday was the opening for the Garbage Pail Kids show at Gallery 1988.
From the images I seen, it looks like it was a awesome turnout.

there are some pretty amazing pieces in the show
and here are my favorites!

Casey Weldon
(this piece is brilliant! if you dont know who the peepin creep is, check out this article

Dave MacDowell 

Jesse Riggle

Leontine Greenburg
(this piece is amazing, the words are painted on the glass, so if you wanted to you can remove it!) 

NC Winters

go check out all the pieces and prints!
maybe youll find your favorite card re-vamped :)

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Eve Noir said...

Love the last two cards! :)