Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy October

This is the first October in a long time, that I feel I can enjoy. 
So I got Halloween on my mind. 
I also recently went to the D.I.A ( Detroit Institute of Arts) and was so inspired.
I mean you can go online and look at art, but nothing ever compares to seeing them up close.
So with my 2 recent inspirations fresh in my head, I started a couple studies with a Halloween twist.
I'll probably have them done soon. 

Ive also been working on my Wes Anderson pieces for the 2nd "Bad Dads" show coming up on Halloween!
I couldnt decide between 2 characters, so I ended up doing both.
you can see a peak in both photos 

I hope I can get back into updating my blog more often.
Ive been super domestic lately, and with painting I feel like there really isnt much time. 
Plus Ive recently started playing the original Zelda, so any free time I get thats what Im doing. ahem.

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Eve Noir said...

I went to the DIA recently too. Yes there's nothing like seeing the real thing.

Halloween is such a great inspiration. I like what I can see in the photos. ^_^