Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What the Cuss?

my pieces for the 2nd annual Bad Dad's.

"Still painting storms, I see"
16x20 - oil on canvas

so the show title is obviously inspired by the fathers in Wes's films. These confused men, trying to find their "Father" status. Which leads to the strong women in his films. 
I really like the Mrs. Fox character, I think I feel I can relate more than any other character of his. 
So doing a piece on her, bringing a more human perspective to the character just made sense, for me at least. 

I used one of her paintings as the backdrop.

this painting is also part of my recent surge of inspiration from classic art. I tried a few new things on this one. 

and then I just wanted to do a little fun piece, and maybe indulge in darker colors, considering the Mrs Fox piece has every color in the rainbow in it.

11x14 - oil on canvas 

the show opens this Saturday and has been extended to Sunday as well.

Spoke Art
816  Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 

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