Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Prisma Artist Collective!

Im so thrilled to be part of this group! 
Founded by artist Kaspian Shore, Prisma is a collective of 25 artists from around the world, in all stages of art careers coming together to discuss, share and collaborate.  

I was so on board when Kaspian invited me! This is something that I feel most artist need. A Place were we can discuss things that other artists understand and to help each other. Its like a little family!

We will also have shows together.
We have 2 mini shows happening this year, themed "Blood" and "Milk".
And a Whole group show in 2013.

Here is the list of artists: starting from top left

Bec Winnel - pastels - Australia
Rod Luff - pastels, pencil & oil - Australia
Micheal Shapcott - graphite, acrylics & oils - USA
Nom Kinnear King - oils -  England 
Tom Bagshaw - Digital - England
Leontine Greenberg - watercolor, gouache & pencil - USA
Mary-Jane Ansell - oils - England
Casey Weldon - acrylics - USA
Hsiao- Ron Cheng - digital - Taiwan
Kaspian Shore - pencil & acrylic - Germany
Ruben Ireland  - digital /mixed media  - England
Lindsay Carr - acrylic & Gold leaf - Scottland
Jen Mann - oils - Canada
Kelly Mckernan  - colored pencil - USA
Lilly Piri - colored pencil - Australia
Lady Orlando - pencil ink & watercolor - Mexico
Kit Lane - felt & bone - USA
Alex Lousia - pencil and acrylics - Australia
Daria Hlazatova - Ink - Ukraine
Sarah Joncas - oil - USA
Catilin Hackett - pen & watercolor - USA
Kelly Vivanco - acrylic - USA
Allison Sommers -gouache - USA
Nicole Gustafsson - gouache & ink

we have a little Facebook page, that is upadated regularly, and will be doing giveaway's as well.

And here is the official Prisma website for more images and info on each artist
and info about upcoming shows. Also interviews with the artists, and a shop!

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