Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Art Student Owl

So here is my full piece for Gallery 1988's "Meme" show

"Art Student Owl"
oil on canvas

Now I never did go to art school, but none the less, learning artist's are all the same. 
I get a chuckle out of this meme, I also like "paranoid parrot" and recently enjoy "you dont say" funny stuff.

here are a few of my favorite Art Student owl memes floating around the Interwebs

and here is one I made
I almost titled my piece this but I didnt. 

The show opens this Friday @ Gallery 1988 L.A!!! 


Eve Noir said...

Great painting Audrey!

Love the meme you made, lol

Audrey Pongracz said...

Thanks Eve! :D

I also was going to make another meme relating to a friend who bought one of my first paintings...but they paid in pizza. I realize most art students wouldnt mind this, but what would happen was we'd all get together and order pizza and then hed say, oh its ok just take it off the price of the painting...but there would be like 7 other people eating and Id only eat like 1 piece...this happened until the painting was "payed off"...bogus deal!!

Eve Noir said...

Too funny! And yes what a bogus deal, lol