Monday, July 16, 2012

song #3

Number 3: songs I never get tired of.
I remember buying this album at Harmony House. I was in a white and grey phase.
This album was top Tori. Though the following album "From the Choir Girl Hotel" was great as well. After that Im not sure what happened. 

This album was recorded in a church located in Ireland. 
She mentions that she feels a "current" in churches, and I think this song is a reflection of that.

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Eve Noir said...

Hi Audrey. Long time, no talk :(

Yes this was a wonderful album...I think it's my favorite. But you're right, ChoirGirl is quite great as well. I saw Tori for the 1st time live during ChoirGirl, what an experience!

I shopped at Harmony House too, haha
Hope you're doing good xox! eve