Thursday, August 23, 2012

Splinters and Paper Cuts

Ive been hustling away finishing up my last couple pieces for the show.
We've titled the show "Splinters & Paper Cuts", referring to Tims woodwork, and my theme of paper dolls in the show.

These pieces were a bit of a challenge for me. I wanted to work bigger, so I can incorporate more into a piece. I also tried a few other techniques. I dont ever want to become stagnant, and that means I have to push myself. Having learned on my own, Im still learning things I may have if I went to art school, so its always hard growing correctly. 
And of course I already want to start a new body of work, since figuring out some things with these pieces. I see my next step. 

Here are some more sneak peaks.

I will be posting full images of a couple pieces next month.

For those of you in Michigan
The show opens
October 6th 2012
Rivers Edge Gallery

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