Friday, November 16, 2012

Glass, Cinder & Thorns II

This Saturday (tomorrow) @ 323 East in Royal Oak, MI
will be the 2nd Glass Cinder and Thorns show, curated by my dear friend, the lovely April Segedi.
Its an all female line up! All works based on Fairytales, mostly the dark little twists hiding inside the stories.

The first show was amazing! And Im pretty excited to see all the work for this installment!

Here are my pieces

"Let Me In" - plaque set of 4 - oil on wood

Click images to see at original size

I see this girl, shes the wolf, but she wont be cooked in any boiling water. The pigs lose in this story.

I have a thing for the rule of 3. Not sure why. And Ive always loved the 3 little pigs. I can remember being at my cousins house, listening to the Disney record over and over.
My pieces were aesthetically inspired by Disneys adaptation of the story.

check out the picture in the background, what a bunch of sick-o's.

I Love this book cover as well.

be sure to contact 323 East for any purchasing questions!

oh and here is the flyer 

vist the FB event page for more info

have a great weekend everyone!

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