Sunday, July 19, 2009


flew out to L.A for the Crazy 4 Cult 3D show

never been there, so there was no better opportunity to go

the difference in the areas is something else

Santa Monica

Gallery 1988

aftewards at Swingers drinking a peanut butter and banana shake - yum!

view from our hotel room on Rodeo Drive - high rollers...haha yeah right

we got a deal on Expedia

Im a huge Johnny cupcakes fan..I only want to wear his shirts - perfect!

@ Royal T - this place was amazing! - My buddy Irene invited me to come.

Mark Ryden was there, and bought his daughter a Pulip doll..I wanted one, he should have bought me one too

there was an art show going on, that was themed "Superheros" so they encouraged people to come dressed in costume...

here is Irene with here friends, dressed as Billy Mays, Orange Glow, Oxi clean, and Kaboom

I cant believe how good their costumes where!
big tree in Bevery Hills everything was so overwhelming, I didnt get to take as many pics as I wanted too, nor did I get to go to all the places I wanted too, its crazy driving around there.
Next time

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