Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When we are Birdless

" flowerless in the spring, and we can not sing" ~ The Innocence Mission

Birds have become very symbolic to me. If you find a bird or a bird reference in one of my paintings, it's either part of a sequence or story, and may contain secrets and clues to them. Some may be impossible for anyone to figure out, but I know they are there.
I named these after the Innocence Mission song, though Im not quite sure what the song is about.
I do know its lonely being birdless.
I like how they use bird references a lot in their songs, I see them also as a sequence, and I can tell birds are very symbolic to them as well.

I really didnt like painting all those bars.

This is one painting I am still pleased with.

Though I wish I could have gotten a better image of it.

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