Monday, June 21, 2010

into the abyss

Im pretty obsessed with the Abyss, not the movie, but the real abyss.
I love the fact there is still uncharted areas of the ocean, and we still keep finding new creatures dwelling down there.
Its amazing how much some of the creatures actually look like monsters. Its almost sad too, they live so desperately in the pitch black darkness. Sometimes it seems like they are being punished.

this piece is partners with "The Taxidermist's daughter"

"Submerged" - 20x24- oil on canvas

In this piece and "The Taxidermist's Daughter", each girl is dealing with the surroundings they have put themselves in.
The darkness has a certain appeal. Its silent, you can have solitude and its mysterious. Its easy to get drawn into it, and its easy to get lost in it as well. And if your not careful and pull yourself away, you start to adapt. Eventually you find yourself a totally different person all alone living desperately in the pitch black darkness.

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Eve Noir said...

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite one Audrey. Oooooo I hope you do a print for it some day. It's soooo cool. I can't really give a good description besides it really makes me FEEL something.

It is crazy how those ocean creatures look like monsters but really they're not. I think that's maybe what I'm feeling about this piece-that she looks like a monster but she's not.

Also, I agree about how you feel about the abyss. As I'm sure you've felt by living in Michigan (and having a ton of lakes)...looking out into the distance thinking "It looks like it never ends...and what's on the other side?" Because it looks like there's nothing there!