Sunday, June 20, 2010


Each one of the pieces for the show has a partner, they are almost like pros and cons in a way.
Both sides are represented. This piece is a partner to "Sweet Oblivion"

"Burden" - 36x48 - oil on canvas

Everyone is afraid of dark times. Uncontrollable dark times. War is a heavy burden for many. I personally know a few who are undoubtedly controlled by the fear of a bomb blasting Apocalypse. It has overtaken their mind, and even though they try to hide it. A conversation will start, and somehow they are staring off into space talking about the end of the world.
It is indeed frightening. And again at one point in my life, it was something I couldnt stop thinking about.
Even now its something thats hard to hear about, or thinking about. I instantly want to forget about it, and be completely oblivious that the world is a ticking time bomb. But I think its important to brace yourself for everything. No one wants to step into the darkness, but ignoring it will only do you harm. I think its important to address what your afraid of, dont ignore it, but dont let it overtake you either. Having peace of mind is very hard to accomplish. I have the seed planted in me, it just needs to grow. I need to know how to handle this fragile thing.

This isnt a political piece. Im not protesting anything. This is a reminder to look around you and enjoy the beauty we were given. Gather peace of mind and let your burdens go.

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