Monday, December 20, 2010


Im really looking forward to next year.
One big reason is the art shows I get to be part of.

But the one Im most excited for, is the show I will be doing with the lovely Miss April!
I met her through 323 East gallery, shes the manager there, and also a fantastic artist!
But being a pretty busy gal, and working with other artists for the gallery , she never gets a chance to devote time to her art.
I was looking to set up a local show and after talking with her often at shows, and getting to know her I asked if she would like to do a show together and it all just fell into place. I couldn't be more excited!

we've been working on all the details since fall, and Ive been working on pieces since.
It will be my biggest collection to date, Ive got 20 pieces already worked out and ready to be painted.

the show is scheduled for July.
I will as usual post sneak peaks as the show comes closer...though I want to do so now, I got to keep them hidden for the time being.

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Miss April said...

thank you Audrey..<3