Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New York group show!

I thought I posted about this, maybe I was going too then I didnt, and thought I did. oh well
Either way, Im excited about this show! An all girl group show, at My Plastic Heart in NYC!
11 lovely ladies in total! Curated by John Wong, hes curated some great shows there and is a super nice guy!

Everytime I hear "Ladies Night", I think of Jon Lovitz singing in the Wedding singer.

Ladies on the list:

I wish so dearly to be able to go, but its just not in the cards.
next time for sure!
heres a sneak peak of my 2 pieces

I think I posted a couple images of this one already.

as usual I will post full images after the opening.
But if you want a preview of all the pieces, you can sign up over at http://www.myplasticheartnyc.com/

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