Friday, January 21, 2011

becoming friends with moths

not really. 
For the show in July, there will be lots of inspiration from things that creep me out. Mixed in with things that I think are beautiful. 
Bugs creep me out. I have used bugs in a few pieces in the past, and I always hate searching for reference images.
While searching for Moth images, I kept getting goose bumps thinking they were flying around my head. 
But after looking at so many I dont get shivers. But they can still keep their distance thank you very much. 


Geli Girl said...

In the past I've tried to use butterfly wings.

Once in this piece (wings are hidden in the image though):

...and another on the inside covers of this artist book I created for an old friend.

I would find the wings near a train track near my old apt. in Chicago, also on some of the beaches by Lake Michigan.

It always freaked me out when touching the wings and gluing it onto the paper with matte medium. Like it would come alive and say: How could you do this?

So fragile too...

Audrey Pongracz said...

oh wow, thats pretty cool though!
A friend of mine uses cicada shells. She goes searching for them.
I would feel the same way " why you do this to me?"

Eve Noir said...

I have a CRAZY fear of bugs also. If I see a spider, for example, I suddenly feel like it is crawling all over me. And oh no, if one actually is on me (AHH!), yes I would scream, lol.

I did a piece for DAMNED this year that I really wanted in cuz it was my fear of insects & snakes crawling all over me. (Fake bugs & snakes, no way to using the real stuff, haha)

BUT recently I discovered INSECTS in acrylic blocks at a local gift/artsy store. AND I fell in love. The insect is not crushed at all (questionable, how did it die? sad it died too!)...and looks really really BEAUTIFUL. I don't feel the fear when I hold one of those blocks.

So in other words, face your fears, perhaps? ;) Which I think you are doing yeah, keep it up! ^_^

Word Verification: Comalob (sounds like an insect, hm.)

Audrey Pongracz said...

Im trying to face my fears. I dont kill the spiders in my home anymore. And I can actually pick up a daddy longleg and help him out of the bathtub.
But Im not sure Ill ever cuddle with a millipede.

Eve Noir said...

Funny! I saw a spider crawling on my washing machine last night & I didn't jump or freak a little. Maybe it was because of this post, haha. Yeah, I don't want to cuddle with any insect! (But I will hold my bug in acrylic block very dearly) ;)