Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I heart Jake Ryan

Gallery 1988 is putting on another awesome show. A John Hughes tribute show.
Its opening February 11th. Im still working on my piece. I hate being this close to a deadline, but my paint wont dry in order for me to move on. But luckly I only need to put a few touches on it and it will be done!

So there was no questioning what movie I was going to cover. 
Sixteen candles is one of my favs!
And I adore Molly Ringwald! So yeah a no brainer. 

"Jake Ryan?  He doesn't even know you exist"

very soon I will have images of my piece. 


Miss April said...

Can't wait to see images!!! I wish I could've been a part of this show.. I love John Hughes!!!

Eve Noir said...

I love Molly too. She's great and so beautiful. Why can't there be girls like that in movies nowadays?
(EXCITED to see your piece as well)


Northville Art House said...

I just watched the end of Pretty in Pink for the thousandth time..."I always believed in just didn't believe in me"...tears every time!!
Looking forward to seeing your work for this show!