Monday, June 27, 2011

I am, doll parts

Dolls. I Love them. Ive always been a doll girl. I actually never had a real porcelain doll growing up. But I have a collection of stuffed animals. A couple years ago I did end up buying a old beat up porcelain doll at a flea market. But most of my doll/stuffed animals are ugly and beat up, so she fit in.
Sometimes I wonder if I never married or had children, if Id be that creepy old lady with cats and a large collection of dolls. 

I remember when I first saw that movie "Dolls", I felt like if dolls ever came to life the would be on my side, like that girl in the movie. Sometime I joke with my husband and tell him to be nice to my dolls or they will bite him, Then he calls me a creep. 

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