Wednesday, July 13, 2011

dream a little dream

I thought it'll be fun to do a brief explanation to some of the pieces from the show.
So Im starting with this piece, which is my favorite from the show.

"A Song Never Heard"
24x36 - oil on canvas

I often dream about playing pianos. The dreams are always so magical and wonderful. 
I can play these elaborate songs, but as Im playing them, I think how am I doing this?
One dream I was playing an upright, and as I started to hit the keys, these magical plants started to grow out of the piano. They looked like a cross between crystals and normal plants and flowers, which is usually how the plants look like in my dreams. Each note played the plants grew in accordance. It was so beautiful. 
I painted it in a more classic way, playing off the many classical iconic paintings of women at the piano. 
I used one of Renoir's paintings as an inspiration/ reference. 

Since the song I played in my dream wasnt real, I didnt paint notes on the sheet. 
Someone asked me what was dripping out of the piano, and I told them it represented magic. 

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