Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank you

This post is for all of you who come to my shows, or any of the art shows out there for that matter. To those of you that by a print, or even a original. 
I find it so amazing that there are people like you out there.
Those of you that always show your support. 
Some of you have been going to shows your whole life, you support the artists and the art community, which is so overshadowed here. 
Then there are the young ones, who amaze me as well. 
These kids who could be sitting in front of a television screen or wondering a mall, instead are so interested in art and culture. 
I have a group of young adults who try so very hard to come to all my shows, and it warms my heart.
There is a family with 2 small children who come to the shows, and the children are so into the art. They carry around the price sheet and look with such interest.

And with so much to worry about today, and so much distraction, its so easy to just stay home and worry about yourself. But each one of you that walk through the gallery door,  or buy 1 print, is supporting the arts. you may not think you are, but you are.
 Here I am, just a person, you tell me the connections you have with the pieces. And then all the preparing and hours in the paintings and shows, and all the mental anguish that arises from being in an art world in a decaying city,  become so worth anything I would imagine.

you are what makes it all worth it too me. 

so thank you 
so very much <3

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Eve Noir said...

I enjoyed reading this Audrey. :) You're right, kids could be doing something else these days. So I find it great as well that they are supporting the arts.

Oh & don't you forget, that YOUR art is truly an inspiration in this decaying city. So for that I thank you. (I know what you're thinking "Oh Eve, you're silly!") LOL