Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sweet the sting

18x24 - oil on canvas

I may have mentioned my dislike of bugs before. 
I really dont understand why I scream like a little girl when a bug is near.
And of course the more legs the bug has the louder the shriek is.
Ive been trying to overcome this and embrace them. 
And although creepy, insects are so interesting!
 So I wrote bugs down in my sketchbook.

Im actually not to afraid of bees. Looking at them dosent give me the heebie jeebies.
So this wasnt too horrible.

This painting almost didnt make it. I Started it and didnt like it. So I put it aside and counted it out of the show pieces. But as the show got closer, I kept looking at it unfinished and felt like I quit, so I started back up with it, and       I'm happy I did. 

The title is the term for when the worker bees overtake the queen bee and kill her. Either because she is getting old, or not doing a good job. They surround her and roll her into a ball and suffocate her. 
I read about this after the piece was finished and was researching about bees, to find a title.
Which is odd because the dress I painted is based off Marie Antoinette's wedding dress.

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Anonymous said...

You're a cheap rip off of Kristin Barr.