Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garbage Pail Kid - sneak peak!

I havent posted in a while. 
Ive been painting a ton!

So why not post a little peak at my piece!
can you guess which card this is based off?

I had a real hard time picking one just one! 
Of course if there would have ever been a card using my first name, I would of had no problem!!
I still cant believe there isnt one card with my name! Out  of all those cards! 
This missing piece to my childhood. *sigh* 

I can not wait to see what the other artists have done! 
What a fun show this is going to be!

full image coming next week.

1 comment:

Eve Noir said...

Nope I can't guess! But once I see the finished painting I may go "Oh yeah, that one." Looks great!