Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hunger Force

So here is my piece for the Adult Swim show

"Hunger Force" 16x20 - oil on canvas

Aqua teen will always remind me of my son.  When he was pretty young we would watch the show with friends, and he would always do that little rap in the beginning.  He even has a knit Meatwad beanie, that he still wears. But we had to stop watching it when we thought he might be finally able to understand the dialogue. haha

Some of the stuff I end up painting makes me laugh. I think to myself " Im sitting here in all seriousness painting a meatball with a face" 

The show opens Friday the 13th ooOOoooOO spooky


Damian said...

I love the painting. My daughter and I were the same way with ATHF. She loved it and doesn't understand why we don't watch it together anymore. A little bittersweet.

Audrey Pongracz said...

thanks Damian! :)
the one episode when Carl tries to enlarge his thingy with that "ray" and all those huge crabs came out, my son asked what those where haha. Thats when I knew.
They can re-watch them when they are old enough haha

Anonymous said...

is this brilliant piece for sale?