Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the teaches of peaches

I cant seem to catch up. I havent yet posted about my pieces from my past show "Splinters & Paper Cuts", but thats soon to come.

first off: I will have pieces in 2 shows this weekend. 1 piece for the "Old School Video Game show :Level 2" art show going on at Gallery 1988, Venive location.
and the 2nd show is the 3rd annual "Bad Dads" Wes Anderson inspired show happening at Spoke in San Francisco.

Here is my piece for the Old School Video Game show

"Your Princess is in another Castle" 20x24 - oil on canvas

( click to see larger image)

I could have done so many pieces for this show! It was hard to pick just 1 to cover. But I suppose I wanted to paint Princess Peach the most. 
I saw an image of her sitting for a painted portrait like so many paintings I love. 
The flowers are a real world reference to the fire flower in the Super Mario games.

while thinking of ideas for this show I had some that I really want to do, so you'll be seeing those in a 2 person show I'll be having at Gallery 1988 next year (with Lora Zombie)!! Beyond grateful and excited for that!!!

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