Friday, November 2, 2012

meet me in the meadow

another Bad Dads opening has come and gone, and from the looks of the photos it looks like it was an awesome time!

Here is my piece from the show

"Is that a cat in there?"
oil on canvas

first time painting a kitty! 

I only have seen this movie once before painting this. Thanks God for tumblr tags!
There was a scene in the film I really wanted to cover, but couldnt find any screen caps, so if I'm in the show next year I already know what Im doing. 

I heard on the interwebs that Johnny Depp is supposed to be in the next Anderson film...dont know how I feel about that. Wes's films have never lacked major stars, but Im pretty sick of Johnnys face after all the Caribbean movies. oh well, Im sure it will be great anyway. 


Shiseiten said...

Beautiful piece! It looked so amazing in the show. I suppose if he is in the film, it will be a true test that he still can act in parts that aren't the quirky absentminded type that Tim Burton loves to cast him in...or the Jack Sparrow type.

Audrey Pongracz said...

Thank you so much! Cool you got to go to the show! ^_^
yes I agree, I do think he is a great actor, but yeah all the Burton and Sparrow was a little too much. When your face is on my kids Fruit snack package, Im probably sick of seeing your face. Unless its Spongebob, I Love spongebob forever.